Peter Coppola Keratin Express Duo

Peter Coppola Keratin Express Duo

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Gently remove excessive oil, daily product and mineral build-up from the hair and the scalp with the a-Keratin Clarifying Shampoo. Designed to prepare the hair for the a-Keratin Smoothing & Refinishing Treatment. The natural blend of Golden Seal, Natural Lemon, Apple, and Cactus oils deeply cleanse the hair and restore the hair's natural vibrancy.

Our unique formulation of ceramides and amino acids creates a semi-permanent change to hair texture, eliminating frizz and adding strength while maintaining a gentle, non-disruptive low pH level. When applied to the hair, the formula gently penetrates the surface of the hair shaft, untangling the bonds while locking, smoothing, and sealing the surface to result in soft, shiny, smooth—and most importantly—strong hair, from the inside-out for up to 1 1/2 months. Nourishes, repairs, and shields hair with unique Alpha Keratin Repair System that defends against the harmful effects of processing, heat styling, UV exposure, and daily styling.

Formaldehyde-free, aldehyde-free, gas byproduct-free, and non-carcinogenic.



Directions: On pre-clarified, damp, hair gently spray the a -Keratin Express Treatment from root to ends (lightly saturating the hair). Comb or brush throughout, allow to process for 20 minutes. Rinse and style using heat for maximum benefits.

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