Seki Edge Eyelash Curler Refill Pads (SS-604R)

Seki Edge Eyelash Curler Refill Pads (SS-604R)

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Total Care Replacement Pads For Total Control. Caring for your eyelash curler with replacement pads is the key to keep it going strong and continuing the beautiful curling action for fabulous lashes. The Total Control Lash Curler (SS-604) uses a soft, silicone pad to gently curl eyelashes for long-lasting curl. It is common with all eyelash curlers to replace the pad as it loses its effectiveness, about every two months. Simply throw it out and insert a new silicone pad which is gentle on lashes. Made in Japan.

  • Replacement Pads For Total Control Eyelash Curler SS Six Zero Four; These Silicone Safety Pads Gently Curl Your Lashes To Avoid Yanking Or Pulling On The Lashes
  • Soft Silicone Pads For A Comfortable Curl; Our Eyelash Curler Refill Pads Are Made Of Silicone For A Soft Even Durable And Comfortable Curl Without Pinching Or Crimping Eyelashes
  • Pack Includes Four Silicone Pads; Includes Four Pads In A Pack So You Do Not Have To Worry About Constantly Replacing Your Curler Pads
  • Maintain Curling Action; Help Curl Eyelashes Quickly With Our Silicone Lash Replacement Pads; Our Replacement Eyelash Curler Pads Are Designed To Last Months To Maintain Curling Action
  • Made In Japan; Manufactured In Japan; Replacing The Pads As Needed Allows Your Eyelash Curler To Deliver Optimum Results

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