Spornette Boho Baby Paddle Brush

Spornette Boho Baby Paddle Brush

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The Spornette Boho Baby Paddle hairbrush features a chic, Bohemian look and 100% nylon bristles. The paddle brush smooths and detangles wavy, curly, or straight hair, wet or dry. With an ergonomic, snag-free handle with an ideal grip, this paddle brush is perfect for comfortable grooming without wrist strain.The brush’s ball-tipped nylon bristles penetrate the hair, disseminating the scalp's natural oils throughout while leaving it tangle-free. Perfect for blowing out thicker hair or just brushing through to detangle it. Withstands up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Works great with thin, thick, oily and dry hair and for a variety of hairstyles. Perfect for professional salons and hair stylists.

  • Wide Paddle Hair Brush With Soft Cushion And Bohemian Inspired Look; Smoothes And Detangles Hair; Bristles Massage The Scalp Of Dry Or Oily Hair; Leaves Hair Tangle Free And Ready For Styling
  • Features Ball Tipped One Hundred Percent Nylon Bristles On A Chic Brush; Specifically Designed To Easily Glide Through Any Texture Of Hair; Flexible Detangling Nylon Bristles Withstand Heat Up To Four Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle Perfect For Blow Outs; Snag Free Styling With Comfortable Handle Free Of Ridges ; Secure And Comfortable Yet Effortless Grip; Increases Mobility And Eliminates Wrist Strain And Fatigue
  • Nylon Bristles Penetrate The Hair And Massage The Scalp; Bristles Distribute Natural Oils Throughout The Hair For A Natural And Healthy Shine; Optimal For Blow Out Styles
  • Professional Or Personal Use; Use On Wet Or Dry Hair Before Styling; During Styling; After Styling Designed For All Hair Types; Long Hair; Short Hair; Medium Length Hair; Oily Or Dry Or Damaged Hair

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