Spornette Double Stranded XL Nylon Brush 2.5 Inch

Spornette Double Stranded XL Nylon Brush 2.5 Inch

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With its double nylon bristles and medium size, the 2.5 inch Double Stranded XL Nylon Round hairbrush helps create salon-quality blowouts at home. Anyone with straight, curly, wavy or ethnic hair can achieve amazing results. This brush is ideal for creating volume and shine in long hair types. This brush works on both thick and thin hair and helps smooth and curl kinky, curly and coarse hair when used with a blow dryer. Saves time and protects against damage by adding more bristles! The bristle design allows air to flow through the brush and reach hair from all angles. That means you don’t have to work as hard to achieve shiny, bouncy, beautiful style. Plus, less time under the heat means less damage. The 2 inch brush can be used without worry on medium and long hair. It won’t snag or tangle. And the handle has a comfortable, soft grip that is easy to hold, even for long periods of time.

For optimal results, use the Spornette Xl on damp, partially dry hair. Wrap sections of hair around the brush and pull it tight and away from your head. Blow dry on medium heat. To straighten, drag the brush through the hair while applying heat. To add curl, keep the hair wrapped around the brush until cool.

  • Large Two Point Five Inches Barrel; Ideal Hairbrush For Medium To Long Length Hair; Use To Smooth Hair And Create Curls; Flips And Waves In All Hair Textures; The Amount Of Bristles Has Been Increased To Cover More And Hair Smooth More Quickly
  • Double Ball Tipped Bristles; Ideal For Adding Volume To Even The Longest Hair Types; Designed To Reduce Static And Lock In Moisture Promoting Healthy Hair; Heat Passes Easily Through The Bristles And Hair Decreasing Dry Time; Gentle On The Scalp
  • Smooth Out All Textures; Maximizes The Drying Area While Transferring Heat To Set Hair Faster; Shortening The Drying Time With The Right Amount Of Tension Necessary For Long Hair Types; Smooth Hair Safely And Quickly
  • Detangling And Reduce Frizz; Smooth And Defrizz From The Inside Out; Heat And Tension From The Bristles Holds Even Heat And Makes For Smooth Damage Free Hair; This Professional Brush Makes At Home Styling Possible With Every Blowout
  • Rubberized Textured Handle; Has A Lightweight Yet Sturdy Black Handle; Its Comfortable Rubberized Grip And Ten Inches Ergonomic Handle Help Prevent Muscle Fatigue And Strain During Styling

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