Spornette Pink Ion Fusion Cushion Brush 474

Spornette Pink Ion Fusion Cushion Brush 474

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Spornette is a leading crafter of quality hair brushes for all hair types. Family-owned and operated, Spornette has been making fine hair brushes for three generations. They know what it takes to make a salon-quality hairbrush. They’ve been leading the industry since the 1950s, and they combine tried-and-true industry standards with cutting-edge technology. Spornette’s Ion Fusion Boar and Nylon Cushion Oval Brush is a comfortable and effective way to do your daily brushing. Reduce the amount of time you spend brushing and styling your hair, so you can get on with doing the things you love while looking your best. But it’s not just the ion technology that makes this brush so special…Combining the soft boar bristles with the stiffer, yet still gentle, nylon bristles delivers a wide range of hair-health benefits and a great brushout every day, every time. Brushing with a boar bristle brush stimulates capillaries, increases blood circulation in the scalp and transports oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. It also helps to balance the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous gland imbalance is often blamed for hair loss. Boar bristles provide healthier styling by cleaning and conditioning the hair with each stroke, distributing the natural oils and sebum evenly along the hair shaft from root to ends. This helps tame frizz, adds natural shine, and prevents oil from building up and making the scalp look greasy. As your hair is coated with sebum, overall condition improves—moisture is restored, the hair is generally smoother and more manageable, and locks stay shiny, resilient, and strong. The nylon bristles have the added benefit of detangling without pulling or ripping the hair. It definitely passes the “ouch” test -- even with hard-to-please toddlers who normally hate brushing sessions.

  • Boar Bristle And Nylon Bristle Combo; Features Extended Nylon Bristle Surrounded By Hundred Percent Boar Bristles; Nylon Bristles Are Slightly Longer For The Bristle Tuft To Penetrate And Detangle; Shorter Boar Bristles Soften And Add Shine
  • Ionic Smoothing Nylon Bristles; Features Tourmaline Nylon Bristles That Easily Detangle Knots; Ion Charged And Anti Static Bristles Feel Great On The Scalp And Boost The Overall Health Of The Hair; Tourmaline Bristles Also Help To Reduce Dry Time
  • Protective Rubber Cushion; Designed To Collapse When They Meet Resistance Like Tangles And Knots; Vented With An Air Hole So Air Can Circulate Underneath The Rubber; Allows The Brush To Dry Out Completely Between Uses And Eliminates Bacterial Growth
  • Oval Snag Free; One Piece Body; With No Ridges Or Gaps; No Space For Hair To Get Caught Or Snagged While Styling; Versatile Oval Shape Of This Brush Can Be Used To Help Straighten And Smooth Hair; Works Great For Shaping And Setting Subtle Waves
  • For All Hair Types; Normal Or Thick Or Thin Even Straight Or Wavy Or Curly This Ion Oval Brush Is Exactly What You Need To Achieve Sleek And Shiny As Well As Frizz Free Hair

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