Spornette Pink Ion Fusion Paddle Brush 472

Spornette Pink Ion Fusion Paddle Brush 472

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The Spornette Pink Ion Fusion Paddle Hair Brush is a lightweight and convenient paddle brush that is perfect for brushing out any hair length. It has long and flat sides that are great for brushing large hair sections. It is also ideal for distributing styling products such as mousses and gels. This brush is perfect and works best when it is used to style or brush out long hair lengths. The Spornette Ion Fusion family of styling brushes features ion-charged bristles which break up water molecules for fast, easy blow-drying and styling. Hair is left sleek, smooth and silky with the benefit of negatively charged ions. With a special ouchless handle, the brushes eliminate areas where hair can be tangled or caught. Fabulous additions to your brush family!

  • Wide And Flat Paddle Shape; Large Surface Of This Paddle Makes Brushing Out And Blow Drying Through Large Sections Easy; Cushioned Base Of The Brush Allows For Comfortable And Safe Brushing By Alleviating Unnecessary Tension On The Hair
  • Ideal Hair Detangling Brush; Designed To Collapse When They Meet Resistance Like Tangles And Knots; Vented With An Air Hole So Air Can Circulate Underneath The Rubber; Allows The Brush To Dry Out Completely Between Uses; Eliminates Bacterial Growth
  • Ionic Nylon Bristles; Features Tourmaline Nylon Ball Tipped Bristles That Are Ion Infused; These Ions Naturally Break Up Large Water Molecules; Help To Reduce Dry Time And Increase Shine While Preventing Static And Frizz
  • Snag Free And One Piece Handle; With No Ridges Or Gaps In The One Piece Molded Handle; There Is No Space For Hair To Get Caught Or Snagged While Styling
  • Helps Distribute Product Through Hair; Can Be Used To Distribute Products Like Gel Or Mousse Evenly Throughout The Hair; Use To Brush Conditioner Through The Hair To Safely Untangle Damaging Knots

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