Surya Brasil Henna Cream Ash Blonde, Pack of 3

Surya Brasil Henna Cream Ash Blonde, Pack of 3

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GURIDO Medical Silicone Scar Sheets is intended for use in the treatment and prevention of abnormal scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids, often resulting from C-Sections, tummy tucks, injuries, burns, surgeries, and much more. Each sheet is self-adhesive, with clear, see-through backing for easy, convenient use anywhere on the body.
A softening of the scar may occur in just days, with improvement in appearance and texture experienced is as little as 4 to 8 weeks

Product Features:
- Diminishes scars both old and new
- Restores skin to a more natural color
- Flattens, softens and fades new and old scars
- Easy to apply
- Drug-free, self-adhesive
- Reusable and washable silicone sheets
- Comfortable, ultra-thin fabric

How to use:
1. Clean and dry scar area.
2. Cut sheet according to the size and shape of the scar.
3. Peel off liner from adhesive side of sheet.
4. Apply adhesive side of sheet directly on scar.
5. Each sheet is reusable to up to 2 weeks with proper maintenance.
6. If the sheets get stained, gently wash them in warm water and let it dry or use a hair dryer to dry it.

Duration of Therapy:
8 weeks for new scars, 3 - 6 months for existing scars

Ideal for:
- Keloid Scars and Hypertrophic Scars
- C-Section Scars & Stretch Marks
- Insect Bites
- Surgery
- Burn
- Acne
- Cosmetic procedures

  • ADVANCED PATENTED SILICONE TECHNOLOGY: Silicone is the number one dermatologist and and plastic surgeon recommened scar reduction treatment ingredient. GURIDO Medical Silicone Scar Sheets use medical grade silicone as a main ingredient, it's estimated to remove existing scars in 3-6 months and new scars in 8 weeks.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Created with medical grade silicone, GURIDO Medical Silicone Scar Sheets is safe, gentle, and effective for many types of scars, does not cause irritation on the skin, can be used for sensitive skin as nursing moms and even children. They are odorless, harmless, no toxic, and comfortable. Each sheet is washable and reusable for up to 2 weeks with proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • SOFTEN OLD & NEW SCARS: HENITAR Medical Silicone Scar Sheets makes scars softer in just a few days, with visible results in just weeks, works on both the newly formed scars and visible older scars, ideas for all types of skin.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT SILICONE FIRM: GURIDO Medical Silicone Scar Sheets is made with a patented material that provides breathability, flexibility, washability and adhesiveness for your skin, which can be applied to joints.
  • MANY TYPES OF SCARS : GURIDO Medical Silicone Scar Sheets shows effective in improving the color, size, texture, and overall appearance of many types of scars including c-section, acne, cosmetic procedures, traumas as well as burn and injuries.

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