Surya Brasil: Natural Henna Cream, Black 2.31 oz (2 pack)

Surya Brasil: Natural Henna Cream, Black 2.31 oz (2 pack)

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SURYA henna CREAM HAIR COLORING & HAIR TREATMENT CREAM. BLACK. DOES NOT CONTAIN HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AMMONIA. 2.31 fl.oz. Surya Henna cream colors while revitalizing, moisturizing and conditioning your hair. Its formula, enriched with natural extracts, nourishes hair for increased luster, softness and elasticity to the hair threads. It colors without severing the original structure of capilolary keratin and forms a protector film around each thread, protecting the health of your hair. Surya Henna cream is a new concept in hair coloring and treatment which doesn't harm your hair and your health. They have developed this formula using natural and exotic herbs and fruits from India and the Brazilian Amazon Forest. Surya Henna Quality Guarantee: -does not contain peroxide, ammonia, heavy metals, parabens, ppd, resorcinol or other ingredients which may cause harm to the health or to the environment -no animal testing, does not contain ingredients of animal origin. -raw materials extracted with environmental responsibility prusuing sustainable development. -does not contain genetically modified substances. -Biodegradable. Benefits of Surya Henna Cream: -Guaranteed to cover gray and white hair in the first application! -Intensive treatment and shine from scalp to hair-ends -May be used safely after hair has been treated chemically, i.e. permanent wave, smoothing, toning etc.

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