Thermafuse Eight Elixir Miracle Fix 12oz

Thermafuse Eight Elixir Miracle Fix 12oz

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  • Hundred Percent All Natural Clarifier; Removes Any Residue Leaving The Hair In Clean Even Pure And Optimum Condition; Ready For Any Chemical Processing
  • Waterless Shampoo; Removes Topical Build Up; Water Soluble Stylers And Soap Film; Eliminates Chemical Odors; Balances And Eliminates Oily Scalp While It Detoxifies And Purifies The Hair Leaving A Light Kiwi Scent
  • Treats Oily Scalp; Balances And Eliminates Oily Scalp; Excess Oil On The Scalp Can Cause Skin Cells To Build Up And Then Shed In The Form Of Dandruff; Using This Treatment Can Prevent Itchy And Irritated Skin On The Scalp
  • Volumizer; Creates Volume For Fine Thinning Hair By Removing Build Up On The Hair And Scalp
  • Removes Organic Stains; Try Using It On Fabric Or Carpeting To Remove Tough Stains And Odors Such As Wine Even Blood And Grape Juice As Well As Chocolate Or On Your Pooch For The Ultimate Grooming

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